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VFT Success Stories

Have a VFT success story to share? Complete the form below, upload (1) photo from your time in service and (1) photo of you now (ideally related to your success story). VFT will review your submission, splice your photos together, and post it to the VFT “Success Stories” web page in the format you see below. Think like a writer, number of characters is limited!

40 char max (ex. Producer, Director)
2 char max (ex. E6, O4)
5 char max (ex. 89-09)
22 characters max (ex. Photographer's Mate)
415 char max (ex. "I am now a member of the Cinematographers Guild Local 600. I worked 5 years to achieve this goal and VFT helped me get there. Through VFT member Michael Broderick I was able to get work on union film that helped me get the days required to join the union. I’ve met a ton of talented fellow vets through VFT and been hired by many to photograph their films, commercials, PSA, etc.")
Will not be a part of your post and only used to notify you when your post is live.
A photo that clearly shows you in uniform during your time in the service.
A photo that shows you now / doing your current industry profession (as best you have).