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Veterans in Film & Television holds regular events in both the Los Angeles and New York areas. VFT events give entertainment professionals an opportunity to interact with the veteran community that works in it. The events are private and closed to the publicIf you are a professional in the entertainment industry and would like to speak at one of the events please send a message with "REQUEST TO BE SPEAKER" in the subject line. You DO NOT have to be a veteran to request to be a speaker at an event. If you are not a veteran and want to attend but do not want to speak, unfortunately the events are for VFT members only or, occasionally, their guests and invited speakers. 

Request to be a speaker by clicking here: CONTACT VFT

A guest speaker addresses VFT members  A speaker addresses VFT members

Below is a typical VFT event schedule (locations vary). You can learn more about past events by clicking here: VFT EVENTS

Meeting Structure

Arrival - Civilians have punctuality problems. We on the other hand....shouldn't.
Introduction to VFT / Member recognition - The meeting's MC will briefly explain VFT to new members, then recognize a few existing VFT members and their recent achievements in the industry.
Member Introduction - Because this is a place to meet other vets in the industry, each person in attendance will state aloud their name and current occupation (i.e. "I'm John Doe and I'm an actor and aspiring writer.")
Pitch Fest - Working on a project and looking for help? Have an idea and looking to collaborate? This is the time to sound off. Each meeting 4-7 pre-identified members will be invited to 'pitch' the group on a project/topic of their choosing. 
Guest Speaker - Each VFT meeting will feature a different professional from the film and television industry. Some of the speakers will be announced in advance on the VFT website while others will only be "member only invites" (i.e. for our high-profile guests).
Q&A - Allows members to ask questions of and directly engage the guest speaker.
Drinks & Networking - Share a beer or cocktail with VFT members. War stories encouraged
You can see more photos from VFT events by clicking here: VFT Flickr
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