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Sunday May 29, 2016 -- Sarah
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Navy Vet, Chief Deputy Director MVA

Stephanie Stone is the Chief Deputy Director of the County of Los Angeles Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. She is a Navy Veteran who has used her 20 years of exemplary service and over 14 years of nonprofit experience to support the Greater Los Angeles Veteran community since 1997. Stephanie was the first woman to serve as the Chair to Los Angeles Mayor’s Military and Veteran Affairs Committee. She went on to serve as a commissioner on the Los Angeles County Veterans Advisory Commission, and was elected to be the first female to hold its chairmanship. While on the commission and as its sole female she focused on the needs of all veterans with a special attention on female veterans.

In her tenure as Chair, Stephanie increased the visibility of and access to the Commission while bringing greater public awareness to the issue of Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Through numerous TV, radio, and public speaking events Stephanie continues to stress that knowledge is the first step to healing. Stephanie Stone holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Southern Illinois, a Master of Public Administration degree from University of San Francisco, and was a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs. Beyond her time in the service, Stephanie has been a lifelong Angeleno. Her daughter, Katie, is a recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz and son, Sean, from UC Davis, meaning that Stephanie’s life as an empty nester has come to an end…for the time being.

Post Date: Sunday May 29, 2016