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Abe Bradshaw
Director of Programs: Internships, Mentorships and Job Placements
Abe Bradshaw began his music industry career in New York City,... (read more)
Jackie Perez
Director of Grants and Fundraising
Jackie Perez is an MIT engineer, Nuclear Naval Officer, and Horror... (read more)

Board of Directors

Karen Kraft, Chair
Army Vet, Producer, Executive
[INCEPTION - PRESENT] Karen Kraft is an award-winning writer, director, producer, and television executive. Her work has aired on Discovery ... (read more)
Tom McCafferty, Vice Chair
Army Vet, Actor, Producer
[JULY 2015 - PRESENT] West Point grad and former Army officer, Tom McCafferty is also a veteran of acting with over a dozen network TV credits ... (read more)
Anita Noe
Executive Director, Talent Acquisition, Lionsgate
[JUNE 2016 - PRESENT] As Executive Director, Talent Acquisition for Lionsgate, a global entertainment company, Anita leads the team across various functions ... (read more)
Frank Sharp
Army Vet, Producer, Writer
[JULY 2015 - PRESENT] Frank Sharp is a former U.S. Army Ranger with nearly 200 credits as a writer, producer, and voice casting director, and has extensive experience in post production ... (read more)
Geoff Reeves
[JUNE 2016 - PRESENT] Geoff graduated from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, with a degree in Business- Pre Law while swimming on the university’s Division 1 swim team. In pursuit of fulfilling a dream of becoming a Navy SEAL, he joined the military 2 months after graduation. ... (read more)
James Bogle
Army vet, Director of USC Marshall School of Business for Veterans
[JUNE 2016 - PRESENT] James Bogle directs the Master of Business for Veterans program at the University of Southern California. He served 23 years in the U.S. Army as an artillery officer ... (read more)
Richard Arthur
Navy Vet, Writer
[JUNE 2016 - PRESENT] Ric Arthur has written for several TV shows including The Last Ship, NCIS, Hawaii Five-O. He’s also produced a variety of indie projects ... (read more)
Stephanie Stone
Navy Vet, Chief Deputy Director MVA
[JULY 2015 - PRESENT] Stephanie has 20 years of exemplary service and over 14 years of nonprofit experience to support the Greater Los Angeles Veteran community ... (read more)

Advisory Board

Brian Iglesias
USMC Vet, Producer
Brian is a Marine infantry combat vet and is now an independent multi-media producer and member of the Producers Guild of ... (read more)
Laura Law-Millet
Army Vet, GI Film Festival
Laura is a writer/director/producer - former Army Intelligence Officer (Turkey, Korea, Bosnia) - GIFF co-founder ... (read more)
LTC Arnold Strong
US Army, Actor, Producer
Arnold Strong is the founder, host and producer of "Release Authority," a talk show profiling veterans and their advocates ... (read more)
Dara Weintraub
Dara Weintraub has shepherded numerous motion pictures in every genre from pre-production through post-production. She currently produces Netflix original series, "LOVE". ... (read more)

Celebrity Ambassadors

Jon Huertas
Air Force Vet, Actor
Jon Huertas’ work spans television, film and music, highlights for which he’s been recognized for his work on “Castle” with a ... (read more)
Rob Riggle
USMC Vet, Actor, Comedian
Riggle has amassed many notable television and film credits during his career including "The Hangover," "Step Brothers," ... (read more)
Tucker Smallwood
Army Vet, Actor
Tucker Smallwood, Vietnam Army advisor, accomplished actor, and PTSD survivor/advocate was commissioned ... (read more)
Joel Lambert
Navy Vet, Actor
Joel is a Navy SEAL combat veteran, actor and currently stars in Manhunt, airing worldwide on Discovery channel ... (read more)
Dale Dye
USMC Vet, Actor, Technical Consultant
Dale Adam Dye (born October 8, 1944) is an American author, actor, presenter, businessman, and retired United States ... (read more)
TJ Brady
Army Vet, Writer
T.J. Brady graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1996, and went on to serve as an Armor ... (read more)

Board of Directors Emeritus

Kyle Hausmann-Stokes
Army vet, Founder, Director, Producer
Inception (February 2012) to December 2014 ... (read more)
Mike Dowling
USMC vet, Founder, Actor, Author
Inception (February 2012) to June 2015 ... (read more)
Tim Norman
Army vet, Director, Human Resources, DreamWorks Animation
January 2014 to September 2015 ... (read more)
Michael Broderick
USMC vet, Actor, Voice Over
January 2015 to April 2016 ... (read more)