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Wed 29 Jul
VFT: LA Event ft. Executive Producer Adam Goldberg
Sun 19 Jul
The Groundlings Improv Class Series for VFT
Tue 23 Jun
VFT: LA Event Casting Directors Ronnie Yeskel and Nancy Green-Keyes, CSA
Wed 10 Jun
VFT LA: Event ft. Franklin Leonard of The Black List
Wed 3 Jun
Special Screening for VFT of 'The Hornet's Nest' Hosted by The Mission Continues
Thu 21 May
VFT: LA Event ft. Cinematographer Anthony Richmond
Sun 17 May
VFT LA: Stand Up Comedy Workshop with Comedian Graham Elwood
Tue 5 May
VFT:NY May Event feat. Pat Lafferty, BBH
Wed 22 Apr
VFT: LA Event ft. Actor Joe Mantegna, Criminal Minds
Tue 21 Apr
The Water Diviner | Warner Bros Advanced Screening for VFT
Wed 18 Mar
VFT New York Event | The Way Ahead
Tue 17 Mar
VFT: LA Event ft. Roy Ashton, Head of the TV Literary & Packaging Department at The Gersh Agency