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VFT:LA APR '13 Event ft. Ron Meyer (President/NBCUniversal)

Tue 30 Apr

Respected for his longevity in the business of cinema, Ron Meyer presently helms NBCUniversal.

In 2007 the 'Producers Guild of America' awarded Meyer -- the Agent-turned-Studio-chief -- the prestigious Milestone Award for his years of service to the industry. The honor placed him in the company of Steven Spielberg, who won in 1998, actor Kirk Douglas, the Late Robert Wise (1914-2005), the Late Jack Valenti (1921-2007), Jeffrey Katzenberg andAlan Horn, to name a few. The early years: Meyer says his zeal for film was instilled by his Jewish immigrant parents who were avid film-goers during the golden era of cinema (1930-1955). His early passion coupled with his dedication and service to theThe United States Marine Corps ushered a nineteen-year-old Meyer into the freshmen ranks of Hollywood. His career began in 1964 as an Agent at the Paul Kohner Agency segueing into a five-year commitment at the William Morris Agency.

During the mid-1970s, Hollywood was in a ripple-effect change caused by the demise of the original Studio era. The 'Agent' and the full-service Agency became the rebuilt foundation for the movie business. Seeing an opportunity to establish a new agency, Meyer and a small group of Agents forged out in 1975 and formed the 'Creative Artists Agency'. By the mid 1980s a new era of deal making found its cord and the art of packaging a picture became a cost effective way to group the talent, financing and get the all important green-light for a motion picture. In 1995 the Seagram Company, led by Edgar Bronfman Jr., offered Meyer the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Studios. He is now the longest serving Studio Chief in Hollywood history. Meyer has navigated Universal through a number of Studio expansions and corporate acquisitions including Vivendi and General Electric. He is an integral part of establishing cost-effective ways in evolving Hollywood economics.

Currently serves as President & Chief Operating Officer of Universal Studios (1995-Present).
Was named by Edgar Bronfman Jr. in 1995 (when his company, Seagram, bought Universal Studios from Matsushita Electric Company of Japan), the President & COO of Universal Studios, replacing longtime Lew Wasserman confidant Sid Sheinberg.
Was once an agent at the Paul Kohner Agency and William Morris Agency.
Founded Creative Artists Agency with Mike Rosenfeld, Michael Ovitz, Bill Haber, and Rowland Perkins.
Served in the United States Marine Corps.
Ranked #9 on Premiere's 2006 "Power 50" list along with Universal executives Marc Shmuger and David Linde. He had ranked #7 in 2005.
Father of Jennifer Meyer and father-in-law of Tobey Maguire.
Is the longest running Studio Chief in the multi-national-era of filmmaking in Hollywood.
Known for being the strong link between the corporate community and Hollywood's talent pool.
His policy at CAA was to return every phone call. Stating it was good business and good manners to act in such a way.
One of his favorite franchise films is The Godfather (1972).
Was an amateur boxing champion.
Husband of environmental activist Kelly Meyer.