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VFT and Studio Partnerships: Dreamworks Animation

By Tim Norman

Among the many successes VFT and its membership have experienced on set, in front of, and behind the camera, VFT members also met other professional success with its entertainment and studio partners. At Dreamworks Animation, VFT members interviewed for different corporate and production positions and a few VFT’ers were considered for coveted Story Department internships.  5 VFT members now work at Dreamworks!

Brett Lynch is one of these. Brett was tasked with organizing and producing an event at Dreamworks for a great new organization called Vets in Tech ( headed up locally by VFT member, Andre Andrews. Brett’s drive and professionalism made the event successful and Andre and Brett displayed the teamwork and esprit de corps VFT continues to foster.

A slightly different VFT/ Dreamworks Animation success story involves VFT member and LA Film School’s Amber Chaib. In partnership with talent agent Sandy Weinberg, Amber brought a Veterans Immersion Program to Dreamworks Animation, and on Veteran’s Day 2013, Amber, Sandy and Dreamworks were able to provide a once in a lifetime shadow opportunity for 4 eager military veteran film students.

All in all, over 40 VFT members visited the Dreamworks Animation campus in 2013 to discuss educational and professional opportunities, jobs and internships or just to learn more about the studio and the industry.  VFT members now work in technology, overhead and production departments at Dreamworks Animation and along with the studio’s other military veterans, they were highlighted in November 2013 by sharing the podium and leading the entire studio (2000+) in the Pledge of Allegiance during President Obama’s visit to the campus!  It was a proud moment, anchored by those who served, together again.

(Photo: Military veterans employed at DreamWorks Animation lead the Pledge of Allegiance during President Obama's visit to the studio in November 2013.)

Tim Norman, a U.S. Army veteran, is Director of Overhead and Technology Recruiting at DreamWorks Animation and serves on the Board of Directors for Veterans in Film & Television.

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Post Date: Monday February 03, 2014