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Mattel Matches Studio Donation, Supports Veterans



Wednesday, November 11, 2015
By Sarah Serrano


On Veteran’s Day, Mattel Inc. showed its support of veterans by making a generous contribution to 501c3 nonprofit Veterans in Film and Television (“VFT”).

Mattel is a multinational leader in toy manufacturing, comprised of best-sellers such as Hot Wheels ®, Fisher-Price ® , as well as wide array of entertainment-inspired toy lines. An American company dedicated to supporting its veterans, Mattel matched one studio's recent donation to help increase VFT’s growth and impact.

The donation couldn’t have come at a better time during the organization’s rapid expansion to meet the demands of both the veterans and industry. With over 2,000 veteran members nationwide, VFT is the hub for service members working in arts and entertainment. Mattel is a natural fit among VFT supporters, too. Plenty of vets went from special operations to live-action performers at conventions or special ops technical advisors for various media and film productions.

VFT helps veterans successfully navigate and succeed in entertainment, and Mattel’s support of veterans will help pave the way.


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Post Date: Wednesday November 11, 2015