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GotYour6 Storytellers event at the Television Academy

By ARNOLD STRONG - I am at a loss at what to say about the extraordinary GotYour6 Storytellers event at the Television Academy other than, “WOW!”

Featuring long time VFT members Thom Tran and Jeff Bosley, as well as a dozen other members of the veteran community who have gone on to tremendous success in their individual impact across their communities and the nation.  With Army Ranger veteran Matt Griffin, founder of "Combat Flip-Flops" mapping his company's dramatic "against all odds" fight to build a brand that is on the cusp of massive growth, to Army veteran Zack Bazzi's decision to start TentED to help with basic educational needs in war torn Iraq and Syria, to Joshua Mantz, story of literally returning to life after being clinically dead for fifteen minutes to become a Treatment Placement Specialist with Acadia Health, the incredible theme of resilience and mission-focus created an sense of urgency across the newly opened theater at the Television Academy.  Marjorie Williams story of her transition from the Air Force to become a top entertainment attorney while mentoring women and minorities in and out of the service provided a virtual game plan for how to navigate success in an often cut-throat industry.  But for the occasional distraction of a fire alarm that kept going off during each and every one of the presentations, the event was smooth and the transition was a model of what we expect of contemporary entertainment awards presentations.

Representing VFT in the audience were Board members Karen Kraft, Tom McCafferty and Fernando Rivero, as well as former General Manager Jennifer Marshall, and team leads Col. Arnold Strong and Jackie Perez were joined by Storytellers Thom Tran of the G.I.s of Comedy (whose incredible life journey from Vietnamese immigrant to Combat Veteran Comedian and Los Angeles home owner was all because of Ronald Reagan... Yes, you missed one of Thom's funniest true-story jokes ever) and Actor Jeff Bosley whose story of his "Relentless" pursuit of success in Hollywood all came from his mother's unwillingness to buy him the expensive pair of Nike shoes he wanted.

VFT has been a partner of Got Your 6 since the organization's inception.  Keep watch as we grow our collaboration with this awarded team in changing the way America views its veterans, especially through the lens of popular media, film and television.


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Post Date: Thursday November 03, 2016