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Actor, VFT Partner Gary Sinise honored at West Point

By VFT STAFF - Last week, the U.S. Military Academy honored Gary Sinise -- the actor who brought Lt. Dan Taylor to life in “Forrest Gump” and the bass player who has brought the Lt. Dan Band to entertain the troops and their families. Sinise, a longtime troop-supporter and a VFT partner through the Gary Sinise Foundation, received the academy’s annual Thayer Award Thursday.... (read more)

Post Date: Wednesday October 28, 2015
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VFT and American Sniper

By BRIAN MCLAUGHLIN - American Sniper is an upcoming film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper. It is based on Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's autobiography of the same name. Five VFT members were cast in the film. Here are some comments they shared about being cast and the overall experience.... (read more)

Post Date: Tuesday November 11, 2014
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The Making of Fort Bliss

By MIKE HARDY - Thinking back on being the associate producer of the independent film Fort Bliss, my conclusion remains this – we veterans have a distinct advantage in filmmaking. All we need is the commander’s intent – be that from our director, producer, line producer, key grip or whomever – the basic requisite skills for our jobs and the chance to prove ourselves and we vets will always take the hill. We will always accomplish the mission.... (read more)

Post Date: Wednesday September 10, 2014
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My Big Break into a Broadway Tour

By MAX THAYER - Veterans in Film and Television (VFT) has turned my acting career around and brought it into the 21st Century with astounding results. It's culminated with me being cast as the Narrator in "A Christmas Story," set for a mid-west tour this holiday... (read more)

Post Date: Friday August 22, 2014
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A SEAL's Method of Combating Stress

By MIKAL VEGA - I have always been team-oriented. I firmly believe that forming the close-knit team I have today is the reason I have been propelled so rapidly towards the manifestation of my dreams. Developing the art of stress mitigation has been critical in my growth as a performer. Stress is the heat generated through friction against the walls of our comfort zones and is inversely... (read more)

Post Date: Monday July 07, 2014
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Building a Future While Honoring the Past

By BRIAN IGLESIAS - In the city of Ar Ramadi Iraq, on the very first day of my second Iraq deployment, my unit was engaged in a nasty, eight-hour firefight. Needless to say it was not pleasant and not everyone in the battalion came home that day. That night I made a promise to myself that if I made it out of there...... (read more)

Post Date: Sunday May 25, 2014
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Unflinching Determination

BY MICHAEL MORIATIS - I am a 20-year vet of the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy with more than five years active service in the Air Force and the remainder in the Navy Reserve. Like a good portion of people in the military, I enlisted at 18 right out of high school, with the intention of spending 30 years in the service... (read more)

Post Date: Sunday February 23, 2014
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The Technical Advising of Lone Survivor

BY MARK SEMOS - Lone Survivor is a work of unique filmmaking, and tells a true story born in the harrowing perseverance and teamwork of the nation's most reticent heroes. The concentration of emotion and passion born out of Operation Redwings resides daily in the hearts and minds of the family and friends who survive the fallen. For the families and teammates impacted by the operation... (read more)

Post Date: Friday January 03, 2014